Session #2 – William Cooper – A Horse With No Name

Emiel #2

William Cooper – A Horse with No Name

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc., I am indeed Emiel.

Many heroes have emerged in the past 20 years; also many scoundrels. Then there are those who have been both. Coop was one. This was a man who is loved, hated and unknown. Millions of people on the planet have never heard of him and never will. He began as a type of "realist," then quickly and painfully succumbed to his own fears and inadequacies. Such myths, lies and sanctions have been applied to this man that it is incredible that he was only 1 person. Coop also possessed an insatiable curiosity that caused him great grief all of his life. He had a "need" to believe that he could make a difference in a world gone mad. William also had a vivid imagination, which at times throughout his life caused him to struggle against all odds, to render credence to his beliefs. The boy Coop grew into the man he thought he should become. That is NOT to state that it was for his own good.

It was the young man, William Cooper, who sought so diligently to earn the respect of not only his elders, but of the military as well. Originally he truly wanted to believe that his country was not as corrupt as he had been warned that it was. Coop felt that if he just always spoke the truth, especially when he was in the military, that no-thing could be wrong. His belief was for a very long time that "men of honor" could preserve the freedom of his country. Do not believe that he was naive, he was not! He was a product of his upbringing and his chosen peers. Coop had an insatiable desire to be the best at whatever he chose to do. He did respect honor and truth and had little use for those who did not. Later in life, he referred to those early years as "his sleeping years." I disagree. He was an intelligent man who for a long period in his life refused to believe that the viciousness he perceived in other governments was but a reflection of his own government. He deliberately turned a blind eye and a deaf ear towards truth. THAT is NOT sleeping, it is complacency and the sheep mentality.

As have many men and women before him, he joined the military to further the cause of justice. In the same unique manner that personal destiny beckons to all others, destiny called to him in the guise of the military. The new image of Coop was of a man destined to be a great leader, at least that is the propaganda he was spoon-fed. Can you imagine his chagrin when he was exposed to the horrors of the truth? Can you walk in his shoes for a moment and see, hear, feel and taste the utter disillusionment and FEAR that Coop experienced when his blinders were viciously torn off? His first true lesson in subservience to his government, was when he was taught mercilessly, I might add, by a commanding officer to deny, deny, deny, all that he witnessed. It was spelled out to him quite clearly, that he was to remember he saw nothing, heard nothing, would do nothing about the UFO’s he witnessed and all the other espionage and counter espionage his country indulged itself in. ….at the great cost of American lives. Thus was born the new, unimproved version of William Cooper.

Those of you readers who later became his admirers, believe him to be a martyr to his truths; a great man; an unsung hero. Those detractors of Coop , believed him to be a coward, a rebel, a "conspiracy addict," a double agent take note here: Coop was none of those things. He was a troubled man leading a tumultuous life. He did the best he could do, as he perceived truth to be. Not everything he said was correct, not everything he said was incorrect either. You see, his already troubled life began it’s final downswing when he became " a man on a mission." I emphasize, he was NOT on a crusade! Far better for him would it have been if he had. Coop knew when he had begun the era of disillusionment that would permeate his entire life, up till the time of his actual death. He had many peculiarities, some were beneficial to him, and most were detrimental. He had an uncanny way of being attracted to the worst possible scenarios that his government was involved in covertly. He was a magnet for trouble…and it always found him. An associate of mine once told me "William Cooper is like no other person, he possesses the potential to be of great help in aiding the American government in the training of others who wish to devote their lives to the CIA. BUT he always seems to sabotage himself. How can he be of any use if he is unable to control his own impulses."

What I saw of Coop was a person whose self-esteem and confidence in himself, was on a collision course with reality. When he was in great torment with himself, which was 90% of the time, he alternately swayed between the true desire to help the common people and his own rather egocentric need to beautify his reasons for exposing corruption. Coop was never able to do anything without a reason. He mistrusted his own intuition to such a tremendous degree, that he relied only upon the black and white stats and documents he found…and those that were deliberately planted for him to "discover." He never knew that his disenchantment and disenfranchisement with his country’s rulers was known to them long, long before he thought that it was. He had an incredible ability to not be aware of the very cunning and deviousness of those he trusted the most.

Even when he was still in the military, his name had been sent to the "keep watch on" files. His face was "an open book." Coop did not know until it was much too late, that the early years of "borrowing" government documents and the classified files, was known to the "watchers" as soon as it occurred. He had a great failing, he underestimated his enemies greatly. They underestimated him not at all. As the years passed and he suffered tremendous physical pain as a result of his close brushes with death, one of 2 main thoughts were the impetus of his driven campaign to "wake up America." Coop stopped caring about what became of him personally. He saw himself as an obstacle to the CIA and the secret government. He decided that if he were to be killed for what he was doing, that at least he would die knowing that he tried to make a difference.

The other thought was of suicide. What his reasoning process did not tell him, was that he was not a cog in the wheels of overturning the corrupt government; he never had been. He was a gnat. Nothing more, nothing less. In great desperation he managed to trust those who came to him allegedly to assist him in his mission. Even the very has-been actors that he turned to simply used him and stole his precious materials. He never did find out that the 2 actors were players for the CIA. One part of Coop was desperate to right all wrongs, to the best of his ability. He generalized the American public by comparing them to who he once was before his great awakening times. Coop could not understand that no one could bring truth and justice to people who do not want to have their life-long beliefs and truths shaken!

He was unable to comprehend the perspective of "live and let live." That was the part of Coop that refused to accept the drone mentality of the American people. In the back of his mind a predominant issue was always trying harder, speaking louder,….. counter balance the lies of the government by his truths to the people. When Coop found out about the timeline for the emergence of the Euro as the primary monetary currency in the world, he panicked. He already knew of the Bilderbergs, their direct connection and interfacing in the past and future presidents of America to be, and the long time secret genealogy of the Reptilian race and the human race. Again in desperation, he sought those journalists, writers of books and other of same ilk, to harken to his side and assist him in the dispersion of truth, before it was too late to do so.

Time, after time, after time, this man forgot the one aspect of his life that could have benefited him. Discernment. He no longer was privy to the documents that held the updated information on CIA and/or secret government contacts. He managed to endanger the very few remaining friends he actually had and endangered his family as well. It was only very shortly before his death that he was told of exactly how close his family came to actual death. He knew he was told the truth. Graphic descriptions were given to Coop. All this weighed heavily on his mind, yet he could not stop himself. He was out of control. He was aware that with regard to the complacency of the people, he himself could not prevail against the dictums of the rulers. Often he stated that he was a marked man. This was true, but only because Coop made it so. He insisted on giving people fish, instead of teaching them how to fish.

It is ironic that Coop spoke often to small groups of people about the dangers of fear and of living in fear, yet he himself was the most fearful of all. William Cooper was his own enigma; and he was well aware of this fact. He could not understand why he did many of the things he did. If he had been told that he secretly enjoyed living a vicarious life, he would have been shocked. Yet, in fact he did. Back even to the early years of manhood, Coop had a secret death wish. His fear of personal failure in life was enormous. Yet, conversely, he believed that he failed at all that he ever did. He was convinced that if it were necessary for him to die because of his "mission," then he would have succeeded in achieving an important goal in his life. At times he saw himself as an ordinary man, at other times as a wielder of truth for the ordinary citizen.

As the time of his death grew nearer, he bethought himself yet again a fool. When he wrote the book, "Behold a Pale Horse," it was with the premonition that he finally signed his own death warrant. He felt relief. He did know that the very people on this planet that he had thought he was fighting for, would be the ones not to read the book; further that millions would not even notice his passing. He was, for once in his life, absolutely correct. An independent survey was conducted by………………last year with the intent of discovering how many people read the book and how many understood it. Part of the questionnaire also included their professions. Not too surprising, government men and women beat out the "ordinary citizen," in sheer numbers by a large majority. As to the question of how many understood the book, the overwhelming answer was…not many. It was stated that there was really nothing there that was not already known. You see, Coop ran out of "new information," that is the downfall of many of his followers. You can only cry Wolf so many times before people who were listening begin to stop listening.

In a rather bizarre twist, his demise and the nature of it, caused great consternation among those who had previously turned their backs on Coop. One was heard to remark, "for heavens sake, if you were going to assassinate the man, at least you should have done so far from his home!" Coop had been warned by a former "associate in the company," of the where and the when. He did nothing to change it. Although he grieved for the family he would leave behind, he saw himself as a martyr to his own cause. In fact, he was not. He did plant some few seeds in the minds and hearts of those who believed in him. Meanwhile, the beat goes on. As to all those millions of people who never heard of him, if you approach any of them and mention his name, the response will be "William who?"

William Cooper…..he lived to die.

"Au revoir"

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