Session #1 – The Stepford Civilization

Emiel #1

The Stepford Civilization

"So, "Enchante", greetings, salutations, hello etc., etc., I am indeed Emiel. I walk in human form yet I am not a walk-in this time, probably a good thing too. The tremendous amount of prejudice projected to those walk-ins whose timelines require they reveal their true identities, has placed them in great physical peril.

When I consider my once infamous temper, I once again state, it is best that Father God Form refused to allow me the pleasures of walking in again. I live here in the United States yet I have much work in Europe as well. I have been on this planet 62.5 years now, I am a "contact" for Celestial and Truth Walker, I bring them "insider" information concerning certain European factions who are part of a nasty COALITION.

I am not here in Spirit, per se, but I am a Time Walker, I am also in politics. I was permitted to enter here as a human child born to rather wealthy parents whose backgrounds included much, MUCH involvement in American politics and jurisprudence. It allowed me an "easy in," having several feet in the political door.

" No, I did not nor do I now, belong to the "Skulls," one must be an Illuminati family member in order to lower themselves to that status. I have though become "acquainted," with many of them, they seek out my political savvy, my knowledge of the European inner government workings. I have also spent much time in the middle east as a "behind the scenes," negotiator," for human rights, as opposed to the in-humane non-rights which are being promulgated upon an unsuspecting society and entire civilizations. I was there throughout the many, many searches for the "doubles’ which Saddam needed in order to be in many countries, while appearing to be in Iraq, and other eastern locales.

When I am in America, which is my HOMELAND, I spend all of my time in Washington D.C. It is here that I easily "fit in," with those that Blue Star The Pleiadian refers to as the "anoxic toxins," of the political arena. The lobbyists in this country continually court me for my endorsements, they receive none, but I do have a knack of appearing to be in alliances with them while I covertly work against them I did learn easily as the only son of the most ingenious manners of ingratiating myself in others’ causes, while simultaneously furthering my own. I am answerable to no one on this planet, I am feared because of my political connections and my abilities to ferret out "where the bodies are buried,"..literally. I am in my own right, a very powerful man. Yet, I know the secret to power, again, as Blue Star and his Celestial daughter have stated, many times, "the true test of a human being is how he handles power,"

I handle mine with exquisite care, I accomplish more with the pen than the leaders behind the world leaders, accomplish with the sword of injustice. This is my mission; to undermine, to thwart, to recalculate all probability factors pertaining to invasions and coups, as well as rewriting and resubmitting "survival quadrants," which America and other countries have been formatting for many years. I am very good at what I do. I am privy to the secrets of man and machine. Some of my "bilateral" contacts are of course, in the entertainment field, these are the ones whose missions are to delude the public, feed them illusions and pabulum. Never truth.

I am the friend of kings and the "king makers." There are no suspicious eyes cast upon me or my work because I am a great chameleon. You see, I do not despise the men and women who are the actuaries in control of this planet, I have no hate in my heart for them or for their wrongdoings. The gift of total recall carries with it a grave responsibility; a duty of "non-compliance." Quite simply stated, it is to accomplish all that can be accomplished without intervening and causing gross disturbances in another’s destinies. If you consider destiny to be merely your "future now," then it should be relevant to the thought process of allowing all things to occur within its, or their, given "timeline," as part of "the Greater cause and effect which Creates History."

History itself, is the end result of the human being(s) attempts to enter a matrix of probable future s involving other societies and civilizations. Long, long ago, in my early days of life as a human, long before Columbus was led to America, I, as a prince of Persia, was murdered at the age of 19. I learned, it is better to observe and conquer rather than challenge through useless rhetoric. I am not yet in danger of assassination in this lifetime, I am far too valuable a courier. Far too many "would be conquerors," rely on my "silence" and much to the consternation of the evil one in the mid east, I utilize the utmost diplomacy when necessity forces me to deal with the new world order’s "captains." Those leaders of the rank and file consider me an "outsider," but one that cannot be replaced. They are correct.

So it has been with compassionate detachment on my part, that I have scrutinized the slow erosion of the once fertile human mind. The Achilles Heel of humanity has been successfully breached. Each man, woman and child, who have been integrated into the "masses of human consciousness," carries within them now, the implantation through dreams, mind control and for many, physical implants, which has eradicated their personal freedom. AND THEY DO NOT KNOW IT. The deviousness of the plan was remarkable in it’s "ordinariness." You should become aware that those whose fortunes and survival of their species are solely dependant upon the vacuous-ness of the human race as a whole, ingeniously, through laboratory experiments, remote viewing and mind washing, discovered the open channel to the condemnation and confinement of the human race,

It required many, many generations of inflicting "rules to live by," by doing so in such manner that people believed "it was for their own good." Organized religions were bought and paid for with the blood of the resistors. These institutions were the dog and pony show, using "fear" as the main control. It was so simplistic a plan that it could not possibly fail! Convince people that there was a Force OUTSIDE of themselves, known as God, or by other names, that would punish them with eternal hell if they did not comply with the rules to live by; and continuously berate the people throughout the generations until their "unique individuality" was undecipherable. Administer "peer pressure," in large doses; expound upon the belief system of colleges, teach them to forget and forgo their humanity.

Slowly and beguilingly, step by step, one generation after another, they have achieved their goals. You have made it easy for them. Look around you. If someone is a street person, they are unacceptable to you. The people who still show no interest in living a Wall Street type of life, are degraded by those who do. Cliques exist everywhere. Vast fortunes have been spent on the indoctrination of the human race. The best-laid plans of the usurpers of your individual freedoms, have been carried out diabolically. They thoroughly enjoy the irony of appearing to placate the masses while subtly con-ditioning them. So many men and women in the entertainment field, for example, infuse a desire in ordinary folks, to become the image of the entertainer. People absorb their thought patterns, their desires, their manner of dressing, hairstyles, their walk, etc. It is the "give them an idol OUTSIDE of them selves." This technique has worked very well in the past and still does.

Enjoining people to cast out those other individuals who refuse to comply with the madness of the con-ditioning. Beat the people psychologically, then send them to psychiatrists. Infringe upon their abilities to make choices by giving them none. Make them cattle. Then FEED UPON THEM. There exists today not one facet of your lifestyles which are not controlled by the new world order factions. It is so important you each understand the lunacy at work. It is with judicious thought that I show you the manner in which these other ones have bought humanity, hook, line and sinker. Who decides the models of cars you can purchase? Who decides the promotions of all the best selling foodstuffs? Who pays for the clothing designer holding the coveted title as "the best?" Who "elects" all incoming popes? Certainly NOT God! Whose brilliant idea was it to build houses to conform with all other houses in the housing plan?

Who questions the reason for all these homes all over this country ALL LOOKING THE SAME! WHY do you not question the sanity of these plans? WHY do you not see that a "cloning" has taken place? HOW can you have individual freedom if you do not know who you are? It will only be the "rebel rousers," who shall not be able to be controlled. MAKE NO MISTAKE…they are carefully and noiselessly, accruing information and contacts to assist them in their desire to not allow the ushering in of the new world order. These men and women have experienced the futility of attempting to convince the Stepford Civilization of the ongoing truth which surrounds them. Rather they have stepped back, reconnoitered, and are pleasantly surprised, to find that suddenly, all assistance is there for them to abolish the drones of the new world order.

I, myself, have a UNIQUE circle of people all over the world, who have been awaiting "the call," to arms. They are now, even as I speak, quietly being placed in communication with the "resistance movement." This type of maneuver of ours requires no bloodshed, definitely no ranting and raving, nor standing on soapboxes. That is not to imply that many of these fine individuals will not be killed. They will. In due time, I myself will be assassinated. Total recall, remember, .no pun intended!

They are each aware of this perilous situation they have volunteered to be part of., yet, it is with heartfelt emotions that I can truthfully tell you,….they have no regrets. Nor do I. So, I continue to curry favor with those hidden behind the scenes, those who perceive themselves as the only unique ones on this world. I shall also continue to bring pertinent information to the attention of those who are not of the Stepford mentality.

It is due to an important timeline, the new world order organizers, the human ones that is, are planning "a big surprise" for the incoming NEW YEAR. We shall each endeavor to do what we can, to change what we can, to ensure that NWO

Does not take place N>>O>>W>>

"Au revoir"

Transmission received by Celest