Category: Blue Star Transmissions

  • 4-25-11 to 6-25-11 MYSTICISM and the KUNDALINI

    Transmissions of Blue Star the Pleiadian 4-25 to 6-25-11 MYSTICISM AND THE KUNDALINI It has been brought to my attention that certain information needs to be repeated regarding the importance of the Kundalini energy. Although we had not prior to this reminder, felt that more data was required on this topic, we (God, other Star […]

  • 2-25-11 Mankind in Pursuit of Universal Knowledge

    2-25-2011 to 4-25-2011 Mankind in Pursuit of Universal Knowledge Now, it has come to our attention that many of you ones have specific questions pertaining to ourselves, and our own life essences. Also, that some among you have "heart-stopping" issues of both theological and "reality" natures which we have not yet broached. So, we will […]

  • Governmental Polices – FEMA – God and Creator

    ** Matthew and Blue Star ** "Governmental Polices – FEMA – God and Creator" Matthew: From the beginning, presidential directives for handling national emergencies have had the same aim: federal control that extinguishes constitutional and God-given rights. Never has assistance to those who need help been the reason for establishing FEMA, although that agency’s personnel […]

  • Conditions prevailing and those that shall change, the transmutation of attitudes and People Policy.

    ** Matthew and Blue Star ** "Conditions prevailing and those that shall change, the transmutation of attitudes and People Policy." Matthew: Conditions long, long ago perpetrated and ever since perpetuated by dark influences are coming to light. The dark hold on the media is cracking as news reports and commentaries are giving forth some of […]

  • War and Peace, Transitional Changes on the Planet,the Future

    MATTHEW: In a message of universal light authorship, I have been requested to tell you that even as we share your grief and agony at the continuance of death and suffering on Earth, we also see that this is the time of greatest HOPE. We understand how difficult it is for you to feel optimistic […]

  • Matthew and Blue Star Speaks about NESARA

    S: Can you tell me what we can expect after NESARA’s (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) announcement? MATTHEW: It depends a great deal on how soon it is made. The US political scene is, well, a mess, and the insurrection in Haiti is the most current CIA-backed hot spot. Inequitable trade agreements, disastrous environmental […]

  • The Future of Planet Earth

    M and B the future of planet earth "The Future of Planet Earth " May 5 04 excerpt of Matthew’s with Blue Star’s dissertation discussing-profound planetary changes, light receivers, diverse energy realms, renewal times and the importance of duality. S: Now please tell me what’s ahead for Earth. MATTHEW: Well, this too will be a […]

  • ET Intervention and how ET’s are aiding the planet

    (This excerpt from Matthew’s response as to why our benevolent space family isn’t doing more.) Some people who don’t understand why our benevolent space family isn’t doing more—"removing the dark cabal," as one writer put it—so that Earth’s ascension can be faster want to know if this is because not enough of us have invited […]

  • Perspectives on 2012

    (This excerpt from Matthew’s August 9, 2004 message was edited to include only information about Earth’s new Golden Age) S: Matthew, why is the year 2012 so important? Why can’t the Golden Age begin in 2005, for instance? MATTHEW: I’m glad to see you smiling, dear soul! Well, when you’re speaking hypothetically, why not start […]

  • Do Not Fear

    This is a Matthew and Blue Star rendition of the exploration of "Fear" and it’s origins. Note: Matthew originally wrote his part in August of 2002 in response to a "doomsday" letter which had circulated on the internet. August 28, 2002 MATTHEW: Mother, regarding that "doomsday" letter swirling around the Internet, first I say: Fear […]