Month: June 2013

  • Masters #12 Gullibility Travels

    The Masters Message #12 Gullibility Travels June 30th, 2013 Master Kato (transmitted to Celest) Well Planetizens, at another “timeline” in a previous era here on the Earth Star planet, I would be speaking with all of you  about the utter importance of not maintaining the status quo and instead be peaceful warriors with a cause […]

  • In Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Twinkies

    The Blue Star Transmissions   In Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Twinkies 6-25-13 to 8-25-13 Received by Celest – Greetings to all of you stouthearted Souls. I say this because if you ones have the tenacity to continue moving forward and really desiring to learn all you can, it requires a LOT of heart and […]